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Hybrid Grape Vines


Hybrid grapevines are the future of viticulture in the Northeast US because they are much better adapted to our humid summers and frigid winters than the more familiar European grapevines, such as Malbec or Chardonnay. Hybrid vines are crosses between European grapevines and grapevines native to North America, bred the old-fashioned way through hand-pollination (not made in a lab!) Hybrids have an increased resistance to the diseases which attack the vine, which allows us to grow them using ecologically-friendly methods. 

Wine made from hybrids tend to have naturally higher acidity, which we celebrate as an element of our region and a reflection of the intense growing conditions in which our vines thrive. We love the complex and delightful flavors these grapes provide, and we find so much joy growing the vines, which definitively express their wild DNA in  endlessly curious growth, an exploration of their environment. We encourage our vines to express their resilience and intelligence, so that they can be fully sentient beings, aware and adapting to their location, which we believe creates a wine that truly expresses what it was like to be that vine in a given year. 

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