All the wines we make are from hybrid grapes and apples that are either unsprayed or farmed using organic/biodynamic/ecological practices. We do not add yeast, enzymes, sugar, tannin, water or anything else to our wines. Sometimes, depending on the year, we may add a small amount of sulfur dioxide (sulfites) to our wines to keep them stable. The legal limit of sulfites in the US is 300 parts per million, however the maximum we add is 30 parts per million. Aside from that, we add nothing to the wine. Well-farmed grapes, native yeasts, time and love are our ingredient list.

The wines taste unique, because this is a unique and intense place to grow grapes. So, our wines taste, smell, and look different than wines made using industrial techniques. This is something to be celebrated; they are a true expression of what New Hampshire wine can be.