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Mountain View Vineyard

Walpole, New Hampshire

This vineyard was planted in 2006 and is home to over 30 different varieties of hybrid grapevines, which were managed using conventional farming techniques until 2018. The NOK Vino crew came on board in spring 2022, excited to revitalize the vines, and make wine from this magical mountainside vineyard. This vineyard has are red, white, and pink table and wine grapes, and is situated at 1,300ft elevation, with strong winds and ample southern/western sunlight.

Mermaid Hill Vineyard

Concord, New Hampshire

This vineyard is full of beautiful blue birds who frequent the vines in the warm months! We grow the red grape Marquette and the white grapes Itasca and L'Acadie here, and a small plot of native hybrids & experimental varieties. This is a dynamic vineyard, often windy, basking in sunlight, with distinct microclimates and varied sandy soils. The first vines were planted in 2012 and farmed conventionally until the current owners began to convert to organic practices starting in 2018. In 2020, NOK began farming this vineyard, introducing regenerative farming methods informed by experiential observations of the winefarm ecosystem. In total, 2.61 acres of vines are planted here in sandy earth at 531 ft on a south-facing hill. SHARA Vineyards operates a tasting garden right next to the vineyard, come on by for a visit! 

Podere San Lorenzo Vineyard

Central New Hampshire

The original winegrower planted the vineyard back in 1969 during the birth of wine making in New Hampshire. He then moved to Tuscany, Italy where he was a winegrower and vintner for 25 years. Upon returning to the US, he restored the original plantings of Marechal Foch and DeChaunac, and added  Marquette and Prairie Star to replace vines that had died.


In 2020, the owner asked Sophie for help managing the vineyard, and together with Nico, they began the conversion from conventional farming to their own style of holistic ecological farming, which is centered on homemade compost tea and decoctions of local plants & herbs. This vineyard is quite possibly the oldest in the state, and we are very grateful to the landowners for the opportunity to carry on the tradition of intentional viticulture at this beautiful vineyard site. This vineyard is unique - it is trained to single arm Guyot, planted at 3ft density, and covers only .41 acres, which is now all that remains of the original 3 acres of vines. This site is up at 912 ft on an expansive west-facing slope, in sandy loam with substantially more clay about 2 feet down. 

Grapevine Run Vineyard

Hampton Falls, New Hampshire

This young vineyard was planted in 2017 in the front yard of an Air Force pilot who was inspired by the white wines of Germany's Mosel region he drank in his travels. The majority of this .66 acre vineyard is planted to Vignoles and Sevyal Blanc, with small plantings of Amorella & Riesling, and gave its first small crop in 2021. Nico is managing the vineyard until the owner has completed his active duty requirements, after which he will begin making wine. This vineyard is at 29 ft elevation and 3.7 miles from the ocean, growing in fine sandy loam.

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