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We are farmers. We spend 80% of our time in the vineyard with the vines, observing their growth, removing diseased leaves & berries, and marveling at the diversity of plants, insects, and animals that thrive in a living vineyard ecosystem.


We use our hands every day, engaging our senses in this work, allowing for an intimate connection between the farmer and the vine. Our farming is informed by experiential learnings, collaboration, and what the wine tastes like!


The other 20% of our time is spent stomping grapes, cleaning everything in the winery twice, eating lunch, and repairing vineyard & winery equipment. We believe in fair pay, inclusion, and non-hierarchical working relationships.


No matter who you are, there is a seat for you at our table.


Nicholas Kimberly

I started NOK VINO to share my love of plants and earth with others, learn and teach ecological farming, and contribute to a culture of openness and inclusion in winefarming. I believe ecological agriculture can change the world, especially on a local and regional scale, and this is my contribution to that movement. 


I learned this trade by working with the visionary team at La Garagista in VT for nearly 2 years, and I am so grateful for their continued support and guidance! In the past I've also worked as a restaurant server, cheesemaker, database designer, and software salesperson. I have found I prefer working with my hands and being outside, which is why I love this work. 

NOK are my initials, also they stand for Not Otherwise Known, which is my feeling of making wine in New Hampshire, from vineyards in places not otherwise known to the wine world, working to develop the  northeast region into a known viticultural region. NOK is an exploration of what is possible in wine, an experiment in envisioning a future that is ecological and inclusive of all people, a belief that the world can change for the better. 

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