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We collaborate with local businesses to build and sustain our local and regional community and economy. You should know about these places!

Warner Public Market


Warner Public Market is awesome! Located on Main Street in Downtown Warner, this shop is cooperatively owned by six local farmers and artists who believe in revitalizing the local and regional economy. The shop features local food from farmers throughout NH, as well as hosts community events and art workshops. NOK Vino has recently begun to curate the shop's wine offerings, focusing on cider and wine grown and made here in NH. Their mission is "To Feed and Inspire", and they have definitely done both for us!

Website: Warner Public Market

SHARA Vineyards

Winery Live Music 2021 (1)_edited.jpg

SHARA Vineyards is where Nico's New Hampshire winemaking journey started back in 2020. The SHARA owners believed in Nico's vision of natural wine and hired him as the vineyard manager and wine-crafter. Since then, NOK Vino and SHARA have worked together facilitate the revitalization of the Mermaid Hill vineyard site, and demonstrate what is possible when landowners and farmers work together in partnership. We are grateful for SHARA's continued support and collaboration as we evolve the conversation about what is possible in New Hampshire viticulture and wine!

Website: SHARA Vineyards



Alpine Garden Winery has been a great inspiration to us, providing us with an example of what is possible here in NH. Ryan, the winegrower, has been making natural cider and wine since 2011. After working on vineyards in Australia, Ryan recognized the potential of his hometown terroir in Bartlett, NH, and planted hybrid vines in 2012 in his grandfather's backyard. If you are up in the North Country, definitely check out the new tasting barn and support another local winegrower!


Website: Alpine Garden Winery

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